Sunday, September 20, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

Hi All. Things have been really hectic here since Flat Pat decided to take up residence at the Village Shoppes! First, Pat decided to stow away in Miss Pat's bag (our pal from One Little Spark), and ride to airport to pick up her daughter Heather. You see, Pat got wind that Heather works for Amuse stamp company and was hoping to get to know her and hopefully learn some new techniques and get the downlow on the new products coming out! He is always looking for the inside scoop into the craft world. Anyway, so here is Pat, sneaking around in the car when Miss Pat discovers him. After a brief explaination, she agrees to let him tag along. While they were together, Pat got her to give him all the information about the Stamp and Scrap Spooktacular that we are hosting on October 30th 2009.

It's a good thing we are having 2 sessions that day because Pat got on the phone and invited all his friends. So now space is filling up fast. Two great projects, a meal, dessert, raffles, and many other things all for only $30!! Pat could not imagine another way of spending 5 hours on a Friday night. Along with all the craft talk, Miss Pat let him tag along to Wal-Mart, Wawa, and a few other interesting places. Be sure to check back for exciting photos of Flat Pat at all these destinations. He sure is a busy little guy!! Tune in next time for another update on where he pops up next and call us to register for the 30th of October before Flat Pat and his friends take all our spots. Happy Sunday. The Scrapbook Cafe Girls!

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